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8 Things That Will Happen if the Saints Make the Super Bowl

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Tripvine (AOL Travel): The Saints may have suffered their second loss to the Buccaneers on Sunday but they still have a shot at the playoffs and can go all the way. For more than a month now, Saints fans have been making reservations in Miami just in case the black and gold make the big game.

If that should happen, New Orleans is likely to explode into a chaotic revelry unlike anything the city has ever seen before. Add in the fact that we’ll be in the midst of Mardi Gras during the game and it’s almost scary to think what could go down here on February 7, 2010 if the Saints are in Miami.

Here are some things we might see:

1. Alcohol shortages: All groceries, convenience stores and drug stores within a 100 mile radius of New Orleans will completely sell out of beer, wine and liquor. If the Saints make the Super Bowl, you should stock up at least a week in advance otherwise you’ll be stuck with soda and water.

2. Extreme noise: The sounds of 1.13 million cheering fans in metro New Orleans will reach more than 500 decibels. Hundreds of thousands of stomping feet will create shockwaves and tremors as far away as Houston and Atlanta.

Read the full post here at Tripvine.

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