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Disaster Ahead: Planning for the Worst (Area Development)

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areadevIn today’s world, there’s no longer such a thing as the unthinkable. Strategic preparation can help your business manage disasters, both natural and man-made.

While technology and innovation are constantly changing and improving business operations, they can’t always stand up to the wrath of Mother Nature. According to the Insurance Information Institute, businesses incurred more than $7 billion in insured losses in 2008 at the hands of natural disasters. Some areas of the country may be more prone to natural disasters than others, but no location is immune. Along the Gulf Coast, there are hurricanes; in the central part of the country, tornadoes; in the West, wildfires and earthquakes; and in the East and North, snowstorms and ice storms. These come along with terrorism and pandemics such as H1N1 influenza, growing threats that can strike any location anywhere in the country.



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  1. Just as an operations plan ensures business continuity, a crisis communication plan protects the company brand. While the operations plan details where and how you will continue operations, the communications plan prescribes who will say what to whom during and after the incident.

    The crisis communication plan will specifically spell out who will talk to employees, customers, regulators, community leaders, vendors, media and other key audiences. It will also detail what needs to be said, where it needs to be said and how the discussion will be tracked. It will contain maps, facility plans, executive bios, contact lists and other critical information.

    Like the operations plan, the crisis plan will only bear fruit if has been rigorously tested.

    The question is not whether your company will experience a crisis, it’s really a matter of when.

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