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What We’ve Learned (STORES Magazine)

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storesSTORES Magazine — A decade on, the September 11 attacks influence mall, store security.

When Osama Bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan last month, it marked a significant milestone in what has broadly been termed the war on terrorism. But experts and analysts were quick to point out that the threat of terrorism is still very real, and that enhanced security measures put in place after 9/11 are likely to remain for years to come.

Malls and many retailers have dramatically altered their security operations over the last 10 years. The addition of personnel and technology, combined with strong collaboration with federal, state and local law enforcement, has placed a greater emphasis on prevention. And whether it’s the threat of a bomber or a gunman, strong training across all levels goes a long way toward maintaining high levels of safety at stores and malls.


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